Bubble Art is a non-profit multicultural organisation, created in 2003, in the following fields:

     Live shows (music, theatre, poetry, dance, cinema),

     Radio broadcasting production,

     Video production,

     Art exhibitions, with contemporary and tribal art,


A former metalwork factory converted into a cultural and creative environment named the Loft’Art.


The Loft’Art is a concert hall, lighting desk and sound controls, a 4m screen for video, music and voice microphones and a bar and an exhibition room.


The place can be rented for rehearsal, practice, recordings, seminar, choir, shooting, filming and private parties.


The acoustic, the customized and warm welcome will make you feel like home and makes the Loft’Art the ideal place for travelling artists.


Pierre-Alain Gourion

Radio productor and animator

President of Bubble Art Production

Marion Curtillet


Léa Martinez

Community manager

Clara Castoldi

Video maker

Christine Molina

Artistic coordination of Bubble Art parties 

Pierre Cattoire

Consultant organization

Madeleine Pauchon

Sound Realization

Yoann Pinto

Sound Technician

Marc Blandel

Compositeur d'illustrations sonores

Mathis Capéran

Video maker

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Tansciption and translation


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Bubble Art, Villeurbanne