Bubble Art is an independent producer of entertainment, cultural and political content such as radio broadcasts, podcasts, videos, with an open stage for live shows and shooting and recording studios in Villeurbanne. With its humanitarian grounding, our ever-evolving medium mostly deals with environmental issues and human behaviours. We believe that the 21st century is an era of soul-searching, change and possibly collapse. The U-MAN initiative trains its microphones and cameras on these different areas with an optimistic and sensitive perspective. We are mutants in a world that keeps mutating, pandemic or no pandemic.

As committed non-profit journalists we want to :

-      have a sound relationship to factual truth and opinions

-      give a voice to NGOs’ pleas, to individuals, and also to artists, in that they expand the field of knowledge

-      promote environmental and humanitarian activism

-      foster solidarity and win audiences and voluntary contributor’s loyalty

Our organisation is both flexible and firm and adjusts to changing circumstances ; the young people who regularly join the team enrich our broadcasts and podcasts, contributing to our evolution. 


To know more about Bubble Art’s history, listen to 



Any project needs to be designed and written. You can think up a short poem or a haiku in no time without prior thought but most of the time a production, whether a radio broadcast, a video, a show or a book, requires deliberate writing and thinking.


Creativity is our raison d’être, but Bubble Art is also a place where different competencies and talents supplement and enhance each other. The keywords that best capture the values which connect us to our audience are voluntary work, creativity, the environment, writing, commitment, adaptability, fiction, image, initiatives, international, local, quality, reality, solidarity, sound.


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At our Villeurbanne site, La Chaudronnerie, audiences can attend various performances (outside the pandemic) and filmings: 

-      exhibitions (painting, sculpture, installations) and workshops (tango, yoga, shiatsu)

-      live performances: music, drama, poetry, circus, cinema and acoustic experiments

-      Filming and recording open to the public


Programmes on environmental and humanitarian concerns with the                        :

  •                     broadcasts

  •            of these broadcasts

  •                 short personal testimony videos

  • citizen debates, occasionally of a militant nature 


Creative videos:

  •                                                (Uncle Pagou’s Quarantine): an old man and his cat get bored to death during the first 

  •                                 (an instrument speaks): interview of a musical instrument

  •                (the Fetish): a filmed interview of someone speaking from one's favorite object.



Cultural programmes:

  •                          (Living Cultures)

  •                             (Interview)





Video production services: (3 cameras and videoconference), please contact us for a quote.


are as varied as our productions :

  • live audiences at the Chaudronnerie – outside the pandemic

  • audiences of traditional on-air radios, DAB+ and partner digital radios

  • web audiences for our podcasts on numerous networks: YouTube, Instagram and Mixcloud and more


As an independent medium, we address all topics, whether political, economic or social, without taboos. Each of our productions is unique both in form and content. Thanks to our numerous participants we gain a better understanding of national and international humanitarian issues. By using appropriate media we pass this enhanced vision on to our audience. Positive feedback both sustains and gratifies us. When faced with criticism, we strive to be humble, to listen and to understand in order to improve our practices. This is why we value your reactions.

We kindly invite you to regularly check out our programmes. You will be surprised by the variety of productions on offer. All suggestions welcome.